The Different Types Of Safety Shoes For Different Job Roles

safety1Wearing the correct footwear is very essential when employed in jobs that require a certain amount of safety. Protection of the feet can reduce and prevent any kind of injury that could take place. Safety shoes and footwear is very important and creates a safer and better working environment. Such shoes should be durable and reliable and should keep the feet protected from any harm or accidents.

Most men and women today, tend to look past these facts and buy cheaper and low quality shoes, as they believe that expensive safety shoes are uncomfortable. However many manufacturers all over the world have specially designed and created shoes that not only provide protection but also that are affordable and comfortable to wear. There are many different varieties of safety footwear that are available today Let us take a closer look at the different types of safety footwear for different job roles. Continue reading

To Buy or Not To Buy: A Guide to Choosing The Best Work Shoes

Fact: wearing the wrong type of work shoes could result to blisters and bunions. Work shoes are worn for hours on end, so choosing the best work shoes that meet your individual needs is important. That can be achieved by keeping the following considerations in mind. Continue reading

What Types of Work Boots Are Needed to Ensure Workplace Safety

Safety Boots were invented to protect employers and employees working in industrial sites, against hazards due to fast moving objects, sharp cutters and even electrical energy. The need to protect oneself cannot be over stated and because of that, there are specific types of safety boots for different users such as safety boots for construction workers, safety boots for factory operators and even safety boots for firemen and the military. If the safety hazard becomes more pronounced due to your specific industry, you should then demand for the highest safety standards. There are a number of safety work wear items required by some industries, such as hard hats, high visibility jackets, gloves, safety glasses, safety trainers and work boots.

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Protecting Your Feet With Safety Shoes Whilst In The Workplace

Workplace Safety and Safety Workwear To Improve It…

1Working in a demanding environment whether it be in a factory, outside landscaping or in the comfort of your own home, one of the major risks employees and employers will be cautious of is the risk of an accident occurring. It is estimated that there were 1.1 million workplace accidents recorded during 2011/2012, with an estimated £13.4 billion being spent on treatment. They seem alarming figures, and rightly so. There are 7 major causes of workplace accidents, which include taking shortcuts, being over confident. ignoring safety procedures, mental distractions, poor housekeeping, starting a task with incomplete instructions and failure to pre-plan tasks. The majority of workplace accidents can easily be avoided with the correct health and safety regulations being introduced to the workplace along with the use of safety workwear and safety shoes.
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Maximising Workplace Safety with Safety Footwear and Workwear

The Importance Of Safety Wear In The Workplace

safety1There are a number of professions that have dangerous risks to employees, such as construction sites, factories and other places of work where operating machinery is a part of the job role. Laws and regulations have been passed by Government to maintain a safe environment for employees to work in to avoid injury. Due to these regulations, safety wear is required in such places, which has led to an array of different safety items to protect ourselves. But what are the benefits of wearing PPE (personal protective equipment)?
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