Work Place Protective Clothing

First Aid Basics – Workplace Safety


Having effective workplace safety measures put in place is vital to ensure the safety of employees and other personnel in a workplace environment. An effective method of preventing accidents and injuries is providing safety workwear and safety footwear to all employees. There is only so much protective workwear can do to reduce injury, but there will be times where protective clothing will not be enough.

Having the knowledge of what to do in an emergency can make a big difference between life and death. Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere so it is essential to know about first aid basics before professional help arrives.

Some easy to learn and easy to remember first aid basics-

Sprains and Strains




Heart Attack

Head Injury

Severe Bleeding


Accidents can happen in the workplace, it is important that each employee has first aid knowledge along with the correct safety workwear in working environments, without these, injury and even death can occur.