First Aid Basics – Workplace Safety

Having effective workplace safety measures put in place is vital to ensure the safety of employees and other personnel in a workplace environment. An effective method of preventing accidents and injuries is providing safety workwear and safety footwear to all employees. There is only so much protective workwear can do to reduce injury, but there will be times where protective clothing will not be enough.First Aid

Having the knowledge of what to do in an emergency can make a big difference between life and death. Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere so it is essential to know about first aid basics before professional help arrives.

Some easy to learn and easy to remember first aid basics-

Sprains and Strains

  • Apply ice wrapped in a towel to the area
  • Avoid leaving the ice too long which can cause a cold burn
  • Wrap a bandage around the area to limit swelling and prevent further movement that could make it worse but leave enough room for normal blood flow.
  • Keep the area raised with a pillow.


  • Cool the burn under cold running water for at least 10 minutes
  • Cover the burn loosely with a sterile gauze bandage to protect the affected area and protect the blistered skin.
  • Take an over the counter pain killer


  • First, give about five back blows between the person’s shoulder blades with the heel of your hand.
  • Stand behind the person and wrap your arms around the waist after tipping the person forward slightly.
  • Make a fist with one hand and grasp it with the other hand and press hard into the abdomen with quick upward thrust as if trying to lift the person. Repeat the process until blockage is dislodged.


  • Kneel next to the victim
  • Tilt the victim sideways
  • Stretch both arms out with the nearer one across the chest
  • Repeat this procedure for the legs with the closer knee bend upwards
  • Keep the victim at a distance to give enough room to breath

Heart Attack

  • Make sure they are sitting in a position that is comfortable for them
  • Give the victim constant reassurance while waiting for the ambulance
  • Perform CPR or artificial resuscitation before help arrives if necessary. (special training is required to perform this action however try to find an experienced first aid person if it is in a public place)

Head Injury

  • Apply ice to injured area to limit swelling
  • Keep a close observation for signs of bleeding
  • In case of bleeding, press on the area with a clean cloth
  • Keep replacing the cloth with a fresh one
  • Do not try to clean the wound yourself
  • If the victim starts to vomit turn the head to the side and lower it
  • To limit spine injury keep the head, neck and the body at the same level.

Severe Bleeding

  • Apply pressure on the affected area with your hand using a clean dressing to control bleeding.
  • Help the victim to lie down
  • Raise the level of the affected area to prevent further blood loss.


  • Protect the victim from injury by removing harmful objects nearby
  • Cushion the victims head
  • Look for identification of the victim
  • Help the victim breath by slowly and gently placing them in the recovery position once the seizure has stopped
  • Be calm, patient and reassuring until help arrives.
  • Explain everything that they may have missed during the seizure
  • Give them anything to eat or drink until they are fully recovered

Accidents can happen in the workplace, it is important that each employee has first aid knowledge along with the correct safety workwear in working environments, without these, injury and even death can occur.

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