The Importance of Wearing Hard Hat Head Protection in the Work Place

A person’s head is definitely the most important part of the body. This is the body part that facilitates an individual’s ability to think, smell, talk, feel and hear, very crucial aspects of one’s life. It therefore makes a lot of sense for people to protect their heads from injuries. The first line of defence against head injuries begins with wearing a hard hat. This article can help individuals working in risky environment to Learn about the importance of hard hat head protection in the work place.

Hard Hats Head Protection1. Protection against injuries

A hard hat is designed in a manner that protects the wearer against the hazard of falling materials as well as guarding him or her against accidental bumping. It usually softens any blow to the head. It also resists and deflects the blow and then distributes the effects over a large area of the head. The suspension of the hat usually acts as a shock absorber. Although the hat could shatter or have dent it still manages to take out some of the force from the blow and off the head of the wearer. It is also very useful in shielding the face, the scalp, the neck and the shoulders against any splashes or spills. It is therefore important for a person to select a hard hat that is most suitable for the work they perform. It is also important to make sure that the acquired hat fits well to offer the most protection, and additional protective work wear such as safety shoes are also worn.

Head Protection2. Protection against discomfort and excessive perspiration

The head is normally the ultimate focus of all the heat and sweat because the human body releases heat. This is because it has to maintain the regulation of its temperature as some of the blood flow increases to the surface areas of the head as well as the body. In this case the head acts as the radiator and therefore the primary area where the heat is released. As a result excessive heat build up especially when the headgear is worn during hot and humid conditions. This in turn causes discomfort and increased perspiration and consequently heat stress or a worse situation. This is where a cool hard hat comes in handy because it is designed in a way that it can blow away the excess heat building up and around it. What the wearer experiences is some comfort minimised perspiration on the neck and head as well as reduced head pressure when overheating.

3. Increased productivity at work

With the above-explained benefits, at the end of the day, the wearer of the hard hat feels like a hot day’s work is a less unbearable and exhausting. Therefore, employers who would want to experience increased productivity on individual employees can offer more comfort to their employees. This can easily increase efficiency, reduced breaks and minimised risk of heat stress or even heat stroke.

The chances of heat stress are an invisible risk to the employer that poses serious health and safety hazards in the place of work. Fortunately, cool hardhat could go a long way in mitigating the risk by reducing the temperature inside the hard hat by approximately 20 degrees and hence keeping the workers’ heads much cooler through out the day.

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