Work Place Protective Clothing

What Types of Work Boots Are Needed to Ensure Workplace Safety


Safety Boots were invented to protect employers and employees working in industrial sites, against hazards due to fast moving objects, sharp cutters and even electrical energy. The need to protect oneself cannot be over stated and because of that, there are specific types of safety boots for different users such as safety boots for construction workers, safety boots for factory operators and even safety boots for firemen and the military. If the safety hazard becomes more pronounced due to your specific industry, you should then demand for the highest safety standards. There are a number of safety work wear items required by some industries, such as hard hats, high visibility jackets, gloves, safety glasses, safety trainers and work boots.

There are many different types of safety boots:

Leatherwork Boots

As the name suggests, these boots are made out of leather. Leatherwork boots get their selling point from the fact that they are durable, stylish and comfortable. Not only that, genuine leatherwork boots are waterproof, chemical and oil resistant. However, genuine leatherwork boots, like all genuine leather products can be rather expensive because they are usually made of suede or some other quality leather. What theses products guarantee, however, is that the feet will stay dry, and warm and comfortable regardless of the weather, be it a torrential thunderstorm or a freezing blizzard.

Steel Toe (Safety Toe) Work Boots

Steel toe work boots are best suited for construction site work or work that involves the transport and movement of heavy equipment or objects. These work boots are heavy and protect the entire feet, with an added protection around the vulnerable area of the toes. The steel provides an additional layer of shielding for the feet. Furthermore, these works boots are normally manufactured with mid-soles made out of metal alloys that protect the sole of the feet from puncture wounds. Wearers of such shoes do not have to worry about tromping through nails and other sharp hazards. These work boots also protect the feet from falling items and objects, a commonplace occurrence at construction sites. Safety toe boots provide added protection to the feet by ensuring strong ankle support. They normally have a specially designed collar to reduce discomfort and irritability, which persists in extended durations of manual labour. At the top of the feet, there are metatarsal guards, which give protection to that targeted region.

Military Steel Toe Work Boots

Military or law enforcement officers normally wear these boots. They have certain industry standards that are essential for the jobs of these people. Industrial work boots these boots, like other safety toe boots provide a high level of protection to the feet. However, their design is such, that they are normally of a greater height and have improved metatarsal guards. Smelters and foundry workers commonly prefer them. Insulated work boots these work boots insulate the feet from the elements. Specifically, they provide a bubble of protection against low temperatures and wet conditions. The feet remains at a comfortable warm temperature whatever the situation on the outside is. A lot of the insulated work boots today harness the developed technology of synthetic materials, which are both flexible and strong. Although some of these boots may be expensive, the balance of comfort and protection they provide more than makes up for their cost. There are many different types of safety boots and we should first understand our own requirements for safety before deciding on the type of boots. Else the level of protection may not commensurate the risk understood in working there.

Article written by Samara Weidmann.