Finding Quality Hard Wearing Work Wear

Importance of Workwear

safety1When working in a demanding environment, be it out in adverse weather conditions or hanging in a precarious position, the last thing you need to worry about is your workwear. Snickers workwear provides hardwearing and reliable work wear for all jobs, no matter if you’re a painter or an oilrig worker. Many workplace accidents can have devastating consequences, but can easily be avoidable by following simple health and safety regulations and wearing the correct protective equipment.

Snickers Workwear – An Introduction

safety2Snickers Workwear is a Swedish company, founded in 1975, that has become one of the best known and most trusted names in safety wear for professional tradesmen and service people. Building their reputation through providing quality work wear, Snickers ensure they meet all expectations by testing and undertaking thorough quality control procedures across all lines, ensuring that all products are equipped to meet the toughest conditions.

For safety wear, Snickers Workwear provide all the essentials such as work boots, harnesses and flame retardant clothing. All safety clothing meets stringent European safety guidelines ensuring peace of mind that the equipment and clothing will perform as required when needed.

Snickers flame retardant safety wear is designed not just with safety in mind, but comfort. Knowing that tradesmen do a difficult job in what can be dangerous conditions, Snickers aim to make that job as comfortable as possible. Using specially permeated cotton as well as breathable and flexible materials with a quality fit, including for example pre bent arms on the flame retardant jacket.

Essentials for any workman are safety gloves and safety boots, with Snickers’ safety gloves available for winter wear, cargo gloves and craftsmen gloves – all fully padded, fully safety certified and machine washable. Snickers stock a full range of safety boots for all uses by recognised brands including CAT, Timberland, Dr Martens and DeWalt – including steel toe capped boots, rigger boots, waterproof boots and chainsaw boots. Shoes and boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and many larger sizes are available.

Other essentials in the Snickers Workwear catalogue include kneepads, tool vests, specialist knives and tool bags for a variety of specialist jobs. A full compliment of high visibility wear is also available for workmen in all trades; including high visibility all weather jackets, tool vests and sweatshirts, amongst many other essential items.

Snickers also supply general Workwear for jobs such as painting and decorating or general outdoor work. Socks, hoodies and sweatshirts as well as a full compliment of fleeces for work wear are available in a full assortment of colours, styles and sizes – from body mapping fleeces to standard pile fleece, all machine washable.

If needed corporate branding can be added to any items with embroidery available. Simply choose whichever garments are required, order the required quantity and give Snickers the company logo or name required for printing. Small logos can be embroidered for £4 each and larger logos for £17.50 plus VAT. There is a set up charge for all non-standard text of £35. Before printing all artwork is confirmed to ensure accuracy before manufacturing – and items are delivered normally within 14 days. Standard stock is delivered next day for any orders placed before 1:30 pm UK time.

Article Written By Samara Weidmann

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