Chukka Check: All there is to a pair of Chukka Boots

How Chukka Boots & Safety Shoes Have Changed Over They Years

boot1Footwear has been in existence for several centuries and has evolved over the years. The boots in particular have seen several variations and trend changes; the classic and ever-trendy option is the chukka boots, which has been a staple in many men’s safety shoes collection. So what are these boots? How is it different from other boots? Are they casual and formal occasion- appropriate? Here is everything there is to chukka boots.

Comparing Chukka Boots With Other Types of Footwear

Boot Basics

Polo players originally wore chukka boots, and it gets its name from a period in the sport called “chukka”. The British soldiers made these popular during World War II. Ever since, these boots’ have remained in-style and been re-fashioned to suit contemporary needs. These are ankle-length boots with two to three pairs of lacing eyelets typically made in calf-skin leather or suede; however, chukka boots are available in leather, canvas, faux leather, nubuck and patent leather as well.

Thanks to the different styles, these versatile boots have gained popularity with men in all age groups and with different style sense. So much so, even women who prefer androgynous dressing, enjoy wearing the chukkas as a preferred type of safety shoes.

Chukka Vs. Desert Boots

Many have difficulty in telling chukka boots apart from desert boots, as the designs are fairly similar. Desert boots are a subset of the chukka boots. The major differentiators of the chukkas are its hard crepe soles and leather uppers, which its counterpart does not have. Aside from the sole, the desert boots are looser around the ankle.

In terms of durability, the standard pair of chukka boots wins hands down for its ability to endure different weather conditions and is normally made mildew and water resistant. The insides of the shoe are breathable and designed to be waterproof to absorb sweat and water.

Style it Right

Though these boots are traditionally worn for casual occasions and outdoor activities, shoemakers and designers have kept in mind versatility to attract larger population, including introducing chukkas as safety shoes. The standard chukka boots are made of calfskin or suede with thick soles, which works well for casual occasions and leisure wear. They look great when teamed with chinos, skinny trousers/jeans or cargo pants. For formal occasions, chukkas in leather with thinner soles are perfect. They are also top picks footwear for a dapper, well-tailored suit. For semi-formal or business casual attires, faux or textured leather with thin or thick soles will be ideal. Major brands have introduced these boots in vinyl and canvas making it suitable for everyday wear. These contemporary styles are popular with the youngsters.

While the casual variants of these boots have contrasting hues for the upper soles, eyelets and laces, the formal ones come in uniform colours. Some of these formal boots may also have same or contrasting colours for the top stitches. The contemporary versions of the chukkas have looked beyond tan, brown, green and black, and come in vivid colours like yellow, purple, blue, etc. Young or old, casual or formal, there is something for everyone in different price ranges.

Chukka Care

– The boots made of leather, suede or nubuck require a little more care. Using polishes that are suited for these fabrics will ensure its longevity.

– For stains, cleaning it with shoe erasers formulated for different fabrics help. Following this up with a gentle wiping with a dry towel will clean it well.

– Using a brush with soft bristles will aid in getting rid of the dust on the boot’s surface.

– When the boots are wet, natural drying is the best technique. To hasten the drying process, stuffing chukka boots with paper towels or newspaper help absorb the excess moisture. Heat sources like dryer may alter the boots’ shape and even damage the material.

With the classic yet trendy pair of boots, putting the best foot forward got easy.

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